Sunday, February 12, 2012

Injuries Pile Up in Universe...

Back here once again for another week of my WWE Universe as we gear up towards the WWE PPV that no one remembers, Over The Limit! After the way Nitro ended last week I'm kind of excited to get back there. But we have Raw and Clash as well...So lets see what's happening tonight on WWE Raw!


John Morrison vs. Mr. Showtime
Thoughts: Showtime finally has been booked again after his odd feud with DDP and his alliance with Victoria and Styx. Hopefully this will spark another feud for him and allow him to go up the card. Morrison as the heel seems to work, cause the crowd seemingly boos louder for him as a heel than any guy I've ever seen in the game. Not quite sure why, but its pretty cool. Good match overall, Showtime bloodied Morrison and went for the Pedigree. But Randy Orton came out to break up the pinfall. Showtime took exception to that and went outside the ring and pummeled Orton till he ran away to the back. Showtime ended up getting the win with the sharpshooter.

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker
Thoughts: Normally Showtime wouldn't interfere in the Deadman's business. But after Orton stuck his nose where it didn't belong Showtime felt Orton earned a receipt. The ref takes a bump, Showtime runs out and Pedigrees Orton allowing the Undertaker to get the easy win. Sure the Viper probably won't be happy about this...but he should have stayed out of Showtime's business to begin with!

Dominique Frost vs. Victoria Valentine
Thoughts: Should be interesting to see how the champion fares against a new challenger in Victoria. Going to let the computer AI control this one as I really don't care who wins this one. Should be good either way! It was a great back and forth match, in the end Victoria fell just a bit short as Dominique hit the Ice Pick to pick up the victory. Would have been nice to get a win over the champion, but it was not to be.

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar vs. ???
Thoughts: Oooo, a mystery opponent. I really hope this doesn't suck. It could create a pretty cool awesome new feud for the champion in Punk, I guess we will wait and see what happens. OH MAN!!! Triple H is back! Just a couple weeks after CM Punk injured him at the PPV. Business is about to pick up! After countless near falls and the tide turning every which way, Lesnar was able to score an F-5 on Triple H to land a BIG victory to close out Raw! After the match Triple H gets carted off on a stretcher AGAIN!!??! SERIOUSLY!?!?! Wow! This guys more injury prone than Kevin Nash! Haha!


Robert Roode vs. Justin Gabriel
Thoughts: Already tired of this storyline but when its a remarkable match I guess I'm not really given much of a choice in the matter here. Probably just gonna let the AI handle this one and see what happens. Haha Susan Rigger comes out and stands in the corner of Justin Gabriel. Roode doesn't look pleased. Kind of amusing. Was a pretty one sided match too as Robert Roode defeats Gabriel with the Crippler Crossface. After the match Bobbi Jackson runs out and raises Robert Roode's hand in victory...Good grief!

Giselle Anderson vs. Sarah Richardson
Thoughts: Divas from Raw and Nitro battling it out here on the Clash. Surely a win for one or the other will greatly help them rise of the ranks of their own show. Bragging rights on the line here tonight. Giselle pretty much dominated the match up. At once point Susan Rigger who apparently is getting paid by the appearance runs out to try and help Sarah out. Eventually the referee kicks her out letting Giselle pick up the win.

Batista and Brodus Clay vs. Kurt Angle and the Ultimate Warrior
Thoughts: I don't even know how to begin to explain this match. Just down right scary seeing WWE '12 form these two random teams. Since I'm not a fan of tag matches in this game I'm just gonna let the CPU AI handle this match up and we will see what happens. A really fun back and forth match with an absolute garbage ending as Ultimate Warrior pinned Batista after a headbutt in a pinfall that looked to be clearly in the ropes. Whatever, lets just pretend that match never happened shall we?


John Cena and Mark Henry vs. R-Truth and Eddie Guerrero
Thoughts: Pretty damn sick and tired of this match, but when its a "remarkable moment" I don't have any other choice but to sit through it and let the dumb story run its course. Truth comes out along with no help and fights on his own for a while. While Truth is getting beat down Eddie comes out and cleans house officially returning this handicap match back to a tag match. Eddie ends up getting the pinfall of Mark Henry to pick up the victory for his team. Oh how I wish this storyline would end, but I doubt it!

Goldberg vs. William Regal
Thoughts: DA MAN has arrived in my universe and will debut on Nitro against the European Champion, William Regal. Will the streak begin here tonight? Or will Regal shut it down before it even gets started? Regal starts off hot at first but once Goldberg got his wits about him it was domination for the rest of the match. The spear followed by the jackhammer sealed Regal's fate. Goldberg 1-0

Katrina Showtime vs. Jasmine
Thoughts: The current number one contender for the WCW Women's title in Jasmine faces off against the champion in a non-title match. Gonna let the CPU AI do this match and see what happens. It was a pretty even match but Jasmine defeats the champion with the anaconda vice. A move which she doesn't even have. Upon further inspection I have discovered that Jasmines move set for some reason has been altered to CM Punks?! OOOK!?! Great, now I have THAT to fix...*grumbles* Moving on!!!

Sting, AJ Styles, and the Ultimate Warrior vs. Wade Barrett, Ric Flair, and Randy Savage
Thoughts: I normally don't like to do tag matches but something just screamed six man tag team main event on Nitro to end this show. Everyone got pretty equal time. The match ended with everyone in the ring while Sting was able to make Barrett tap to the Scorpion Deathlock. Awesome ending to Nitro seeing Warrior, Sting, and AJ stand tall in victory. After the match the referee is checking on Wade Barrett. Oh good lord I don't need another injury. I thought the patch was supposed to correct this garbage! *groans*

Another week in my Universe has gone by. In one weeks time, I have someone return from injury (Triple H) Only to be re-injured in the SAME match he returned from. Followed up by an injury to an important champion on Nitro in Wade Barrett. I used to think the injuries were cool but now they are down right annoying, and the patch has seemed to make things worse instead of making them better. Really frustrating!

At the same token, I can't help but feel like I need to take a look at both rosters going into next week and see if there are some people that can be wished well in their future endeavors. Rosters are kinda crowded right now on both sides. Wanna see if trimming the fat going forward will help...We shall see!

Thanks for reading have a great day!

These have been the words of the Show!!!

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