Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Major Title Change...Dig it!?

Well Extreme Rules is in the book and a new week dawns in my Universe. I'm going to do some match simming this week in my Universe, just to see what the game will do. No actual one button sim results but let the AI wrestle each other and see what happens. Here we go!


Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton
Thoughts: While its a great opener for Raw, I much rather would have seen the AI recognize the fact that CM Punk took out HBKs partner and challenged him to a match instead. Such is life. Maybe next year. CM Punk has a match with Del Rio after this one, maybe some HBK involvement? I won't get my hopes up, haha. Pretty good back and forth opener. Orton hit the RKO at one point but HBK kicked out. At the end of the day Michaels finishes off the match with a perfect plex pin. Would have rather seen a superkick finish but this is what happens when the AI plays I guess. Moving on...

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio
Thoughts: Del Rio is obviously trying to climb back up the rankings of Raw by challenging the Champion. Personally I think its hopeless and that Del Rio stands no chance here against the Best in the World...But we shall see! I love how everytime Del Rio has an AI match he starts the match with a taunt (at least he has in my game) its pretty damn hilarious. Miz tried to run down and help Del Rio but that didn't last long. He ended up going back up the ramp after costing Punk one of his pinfall attempts. CM Punk gets the win with the Anaconda Vice and Mr. Del Rio falls further down the card...but you already knew that. ;)

Dominique Frost vs. Maryse
Thoughts: Oh geez, this is probably going to be a curb stomping of epic proportions. Poor Maryse. Very little offense from Maryse as the Divas champion just picked her apart. Frost makes quick work of Maryse with the ice pick to pick up the victory.

Jeff Hardy vs. Brock Lesnar for the #1 Contendership of the WWE Title
Thoughts: Wow a couple wins on Superstars and Hardy is in THIS status!? How did THIS happen!? I don't even remember him being on Raw before! LOL! Wow...Ok, lets see if he makes the most out of this chance. CM Punk has come out to ringside joining the broadcast booth for this main event to decide the next contender for his title. This has been pretty much all Lesnar. Hardy getting in a little offense here and there. Hardy kicks out of the F-5! Gets a little momentum but Lensar in turn kicks out of the Twist of Fate. I'm guessing next finisher at this point is gonna win! Lesnar hits a 2nd F-5 to win the match. Awesome main event and much better than I expected that it would be.


Ted DiBiase and Wade Barrett vs. Jeff Hardy
Thoughts: Well Hardy certainly better hope to get the win here. Back to back losses in Universe can kill your career. Ok, gonna go against my original stance and take control of Hardy for this match. Hardy busts open Ted DiBiase and nails him with the Twist of Fate knocking Barrett off the apron before going for the cover. He tries to get back in to save him but its too late. Jeff Hardy survives...barely. lol After the match RVD comes out and raises Hardy's hand. Oh gee RVD, thanks for showing up NOW! smh

Jasmine vs. Katrina Showtime vs. Felicia Fury
Thoughts: The Women's Champion Katrina in a triple threat match with two of her top competitors. Crazy back and forth match with a lot of false finishes. The finish saw Jasmine hit the superkick on Katrina but before she could make the pinfall Felicia caught Jasmine and put her in the torture rack forcing her to tap out. The champion loses without being pinned. Big win for Felicia and may very well earn her a future Women's title shot.

Justin Gabriel vs. Robert Roode
Thoughts: Ugh, what a terrible main event. I am disappoint, this is what I get for just letting the matches roll through. I probably would have made something cooler. But alas, this is the hand I've been dealt. Lets make the most of it. Pretty much domination from Robert Roode. Hit the fishermans suplex but Gabriel kicks out at 2. Roode eventually gets the tap out victory with the crippler crossface. After the match Roode tries to shake Gabriel's hand but he slaps it away and storms up the ramp leaving Roode in the ring alone to end the show.


Pre-Nitro Notes: Had to take some time away from the game while I was sick and busy with other things, during that time the DLC pack came out and I am ready to push my next huge Nitro storyline into fruition. So get ready for a CRAZY main event finish! Mua ha ha!

John Cena and Mark Henry vs. R-Truth and Eddie Guerrero
Thoughts: Only reason this match stays is because its a remarkable match. I'm almost positive Eddie is out injured too...smh. Cena and Henry attack Truth and Eddie on their way to the ring. What dastardly heels, haha! In a match that took much longer than it should have, Cena pinned Truth. After the match Eddie checks on R-Truth, it appears he may be injured now as well. Oh geez...

Sting vs. Vader
Thoughts: Oh its SHOWTIME FOLKS!!! Sting coming out on Nitro to challenge the man they call Vader! Pretty awesome match up here, could be an instant classic! Great back and forth match, the Stinger hits the Scorpion Death Drop...but Vader kicks out at 2! Later in the match as Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock, Henry comes running out to distract the ref! Vader taps! But the ref doesn't see it! UGH! Sting goes out and battles Henry trying to chase him away from ringside, once Henry finally leaves...the Stinger hits another death drop to pick up the victory! Nice!

Denise vs. Emma
Thoughts: Two of the young up and coming divas on Nitro battle it out to see who will in the ranks of WCW Women's division. This was a hard hitting back and forth match that could have gone either way. But Denise squeaked it out nailed Emma with her finisher, a fisherman brainbuster suplex! Great women's match!

"Macho Man" Randy Savage vs. AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight Championship
Thoughts: OHHH YEAHHH!!! The Madness is back in WWE '12! And I couldn't think of a better way to bring him in than make him a heel and come right for the World Championship. You best look over your shoulder Macho...The Ultimate one is watching this match VERY closely! This has to be an early nominee for my Universe's match of the year. GREAT MATCH! Finishers of both men kicked out of. But in the end, the Macho Man becomes the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! DIG IT!?

Man Nitro really had a hell of a show to end this week in my Universe! It looks like the war between Raw and Nitro might be heating up! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

These have been the words of the Show!

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