Monday, July 30, 2012

Is Reliving Sports Past our Video Game Future?

I still remember the first time I heard the idea behind NBA 2K11.  The Jordan Moments, the chance to replay the greatest moments of Michael Jordan’s career in video game form really got me excited for the release of NBA 2K that year.  More so than probably any sports game I could remember.  To be able to relive my child hood, the reason why I’m still a fan of the NBA today was just an amazing thing to me.

With WWE ’13 just a few short months away, THQ is about to let us embark on one of the biggest golden ages in professional wrestling over the last 30 years…The Attitude Era.

The era that changed the business as we know it and the time period we look back upon so fondly today as the greatest time this industry has ever seen.  In October we get to relive this again, while some get to experience this for the first time.  A history lesson if you will to the younger generation as to why this time was so important in our business and why arguably WWE is still around today.

There were so many moments in the Attitude Era that I hope I’ll be able to replay and experience come October 30th but I wonder how the entire set up of this mode is going to go.

As we already know, the Attitude mode is replacing Road to WrestleMania this year so it comes to question how this mode will be structured.  Will it be a bunch of “greatest moment” matches from the era? Will we have own specific storyline paths for different Attitude Era stars that can be played separately like past versions of Road to WrestleMania? 

Or could we possibly see a take of last year’s mode, where a bunch of stories are branched together and we play as said superstars as we relive one of the greatest times in the history of professional wrestling?

At this point, no one really knows for sure.  One thing we do know however is that Summer Slam is only a few short weeks away.  THQ is planning a huge reveal this year for WWE ’13 and I hope a majority of our questions get answered there…only time will tell. 

But at this point it makes you wonder, first it was Jordan and his fellow legends in the NBA, now its WWE with the Attitude Era led by the Texas Rattlesnake himself, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  What could be next?

What sports past time do you think we will end up reliving in the years to come? What great moment in sports history would you like to relive in video game form?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Thanks for reading and as always…

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  1. Great post Showtime, miss you bro, keep up the passion

  2. I remember when they used to have those Madden Moments where you'd get placed in a situation and have to do something. That was always fun to do in those games. They could easily do that with many classic older footballs in a future edition of Madden.

    Also as I pointed out to you on AIM the Heisman mode this year also touches upon this as well. I love being able to relive older moments in sports. In NBA 2K12 it would've been awesome to have the Willis Reed game in there.

    Though one of the weirdest sports moments to relive would be like those fights you see so many times. The brawl with the Pacers that put a black eye on them. Maybe even throw in Kermit Benson rocking Rudy T and breaking his face. Then again that's just violence.

    Great read buddy and I'm probably gonna keep thinking about this for a while. Takes my mind off of that other stuff.

  3. Really enjoyed the article. I think the next logical step is a full fledged THQ developed American Gladiators game where you get to relive the moments of great icons like Zap, Blaze, Storm and Thunder ;)

    1. We need a Finnish Gladiators edition to live the best moments of Viikinki (Viking), known to you all as Ludvig Borga. :P

  4. There just finally adding NHL live moments for the first time in the EA NHL franchise. I'm kinda happy franchises are finally working off each other in a way.

    I'm a bit worried about the Attitude Era mode but at the same time, I'm excited. It's a time of wrestling that was so awesome to watch every week. You never knew what was going to happen, unlike how it is now even with the very few and far between surprises. Great write-up Matt :)