Monday, August 13, 2012

Heading to Los Angeles for the WWE '13 Reveal Event!

This upcoming weekend, THQ is set to have a big reveal for WWE ’13 in Los Angeles, California, the site of the 25th anniversary of Summer Slam.  I am happy to announce that I will be in attendance for the reveal this weekend alongside fellow members of the WWE Games community.

Saturday should be a huge day for WWE ’13 as THQ is set to showcase the game and have the official roster reveal live at Axxess!

I will be on hand to bring you the latest coverage WWE ’13 all weekend long. You all have questions and I hope I’ll be able to provide the answers!

You can expect the latest news on the roster, attitude era mode, any newly announced features and so much more!  Hopefully if we are lucky this weekend we will get to see Universe mode 3.0 for the very first time, just thinking about the possibilities of what we will see this year has me excited!

While I will try to post here on my blog at least twice over the weekend the absolute BEST way to get the latest coverage from me and rest of the WWE Games community is to follow us on twitter!

So give myself and my fellow community members a follow now and get up to the minute WWE ’13 coverage all weekend long!

Very much looking forward to representing the WWE Games Community this weekend at Summer Slam! Hope to see some of you there. Look for another blog later on this week regarding this weekend’s WWE ’13 festivities. Until then…

These have been the words of the Show! 

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