Thursday, August 16, 2012

You've got WWE '13 questions? I look to bring you answers!

Hey everyone,

This weekend I will be in Los Angeles for the 25th anniversary of WWE Summer Slam, but more importantly than that, I along with a few of my WWE Games Community Leaders will be on hand to get our hands on WWE ’13 for the first time.

I know a lot of you have questions, hell…we all do!  And I’ll be honest, going in I don’t know what I’m going to see of the game and how much I’ll even be allowed to talk about afterwards, but I most certainly want to give back to the great WWE Games Community this weekend while I’m in Los Angeles.

So here is what we’re gonna do!

It’s quite simple actually, reply to this entry with your question on WWE ’13.  Please limit it to no more than 3 questions per person as I hope to be able to answer as many questions as I possibly can.

Keep in mind, after this weekend if I don’t answer your question, it’s probably because either I don’t have the answer or I’m not allowed to say yet.  Either way, know I will do my absolute best to give you guys as many answers as possible.

On top of that, I will also have a hands-on impression write-up with the game from this weekend and if I’m lucky an exclusive interview with the man himself, Cory Ledesma…Keeping my fingers cross on that one!

Thanks for reading, and please put your questions below, hopefully I’ll see some of you this weekend in LA!  As always…

These have been the words of the Show!


  1. Two questions Matt. One probably wont' get an answer.

    1) Is there any particular reason why blood doesn't show up online anymore. Despite having the option set to on in the settings menu. Really annoying and makes matches unrealistic.

    2) How have the physics for weapons/in general changed from WWE12. Are they more like 2011? AS I believe they were better in that game and actually got worse in WWE12.

  2. thanks Matt for asking our burning questions much appreciate sir

    1. CAS slots have they been increased

    2. Rankings in Unviverse 3.0 have they been fixed (Tag Team stay in show assigned instead of appearing on all)

    3. has the custom music playing during matches glitch been fixed

  3. From me, @fredjfrancis on twitter:

    1. Since we can do 6-diva matches in WWE '13, does this include them in the so-called Divas Royal Rumble match?

    2. Anything new for the creation modes (i.e. any updates to Create-An-Arena, or brand-new creation modes)?

  4. 1. Last few games the ai would grapple you but delay in executing a move or not do a move at all has this issue been addressed?
    2. Has the custom skin tones been added back as well as transparency (if u were able to look at caw mode)
    3. How was the audio/physics/weight detection

    @jeffsdomaincom twitter

  5. 1. is limb damage making a return in WWE13 & will be able to assigned more moves unlike WWE12 where it was the same head, arms, & legs moves?

    2. Have the entrance videos increase? they were great last year, hopefully we have more.

    3. what will be the new features in wwe universe 3.0.

    Have a great trip matt & enjoy!!

  6. 1. Is the WrestleMania XXVIII arena outdoors?

    2. Does everyone have alternate attire?

    3. Can you deactivate championships in Universe mode?

  7. 1. In WWE '13, will be the Smackdown ovaltron arena, Smackdown fist arena and Times Square Arena? please reply :)

    Have a nice day.

  8. 1) Will the original backstage brawl like in the 1st WWF Smackdown!- WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 make a return?

    2) Will Super Heavyweight created superstar lift downed opponent off the ground with one or 2 hands like Mark Henry, Big Show and Undertaker does?

    3) Will the Attitude Era Mark Henry have the Sexual Chocolate theme

    @DaLIzMoBeta21 Twitter

  9. 1. Can you explain the meter in Special Referee matches and can it be turned off?

    2. Is the custom music playing during a match glitch fixed on both platforms?

  10. 1.Are there more tag moves this year? We only seemed to get 2 new ones in WWE`12 demoliton decapitation and doomsday device. Why is there not more tag team moves? How come there are not as many tag finishers in the games as there are single person finishers? I know there is not much tag team activity in the WWE right now but what about in the game? I mean alot of old school tag moves would be great, considering this is a multi-player game.

    2. Will "create a tag team finisher" ever appear in a future WWE game? Are there any new create a finisher positions this year by the way?

    Thanks Matt!

  11. 1.Is there anything you would have liked to done differently, that you could improve on next year?

    2. was the original Mankind attire and theme music ever thought to be included into the game?

    3. Are you satisfied with the amount of tag teams added to this years, and would you add more next year?

  12. 1. Any update on AW mode?

    2. What will first-day DLC be?

  13. 1. If I wanted to relive the 18 second match at wrestlemania 28 will I be able to do that with the new quick, normal, or epic settings and the ability to pull of a finisher at the start of a match?

    2. Will Eve's booty pop moonsault be in the game? Lol

  14. 1. how to you do the mid-air finisher ?

    2. is breaking a barracade available in triple threat and fatal four ways ?

    3. is there an ambulance match or extreme elimination chamber something like that pls ?

    thanks from @leongrech from twitter :D

  15. Will the championships from WWE '12 also be in WWE '13 or are some getting dropped?

  16. 1. Will weapon and rope physics from svr 2011 return finally? ladder and hardcore matches were alot more fun with the physics. bad hit detection and an invisible wall really plagued wwe 12 for me.

    2. Will there be more detailed customizable options for CAW and Create a Entrance? I would like to see added pyro and lighting effects like the ability to lower the lights to black and raise the lights in the ring or turnbuckle like the undertaker. would be a nice option that has never been in advanced entrance and I don't know why.

    3. Will large backstage hardcore/falls count anywhere from the first few smackdown games return? would love to see some connecting backstage areas, then maybe come back to the ring. would be good for hardcore 24/7 title matches during the attitude era.


  17. 1. Is the rock going to be available right away or do u have to unlock him again? 2. Is the backstage brawl like in here comes the pain making a return? 3. Will we get to have mixed 6 tag team matches with the superstars & divas?

  18. 1. Is there a new create a finisher position

    2. Is both the attitude era rock and modern rock in the game many new moves were added to create a finisher mode

  19. 1. Will we finally get a running atomic legdrop finisher?

    2. Will we be able to track the contenders for every title we use in Universe mode besides the major, minor, tag, and womens titles like last year? it was pointless in my opinion having so many titles and not being able to track the contenders for each.

    3. Will we get more matches per show? i believe 8-10 would be perfect and more realistic. (8 for regular shows, and 10 for pay-per-view would be nice).

  20. Will we get to have a diva's attitude era story or dlc? :)

  21. 1. Can you have 2 vs 2 vs 2 Tag Team matches in WWE '13?

    2. Will there be more weapon striking animations in addition to the Van Daminator and DDT onto the chair?

    3. Will we be able to have more than 4 championship titles on each show, and can we choose our own instead of being limited to Major, Minor, Tag Team and Diva?

  22. 1. Has moves on to weapons been improved?

    2. It was said if you do a move off a ladder and a table is close by, you can put opponents through it. Does it work with other weapons?

    3. Do weapons still slide in the ring? (needs to be fixed)

  23. What will happen if it was a triple threat match big show vs mark henry vs john cena then big show superplex mark henry will the ring collapse? And what will happen with john cena if the ring collapse ? Please answer my question :)

  24. 1. Can we use custom soundtracks on create a story mode this year?
    2. Is there any plans to add a arena effect to our custom soundtracks for our CAW's?

  25. In the IGN Preview it mentioned that there would be the option to change the 'Match Experience' which would affect match length, damgage etc.

    This hasn't been mentioned in subsequent interviews and I wondered if it was still included?

    Even if you can't talk about it, could you at least confirm if it was in.

  26. I understand current superstars like Miz or CM Punk or Jericho getting their entrance attire in the game, but why does the Attitude Era Undertaker seem to not have any entrance attire? Not sure why he of all superstars gets no entrance gear...

  27. Thank you Matt for letting us ask you questions :)
    1. Does Miz have his beard this year?
    2. Does Dolph Ziggler have a different characther this year?
    3. No Other Questions Thank you
    If you do not have time or cannot answer my questions, i understand.

  28. Is there a possibility you can bring back the body damage HUD? I know it's there for limb targeting. The select button doesn't have any use anyways

  29. What's up Matt , hope u enjoy ur SummerSlam festivities like I'm sure everyone will .

    First of my two part question is why the ability to carry and throw people outside the ring like in previous SvR games stopped?
    And why hasn't fighting in the crowd or in the stage pits been established as a yearly occurance?
    These are important factors to the game that make the game 20x tenfold better and more exciting. Please let ledesma know that MrMayhem asked these questions. Thank you

  30. 1. does the wwe logo screen look different from the attitude era to present?

    2. did they put in more created boots and or kickpads this year?

  31. 1) Will the superstars move sets improve for example Randy Orton never did a float over DDT and yet he has it and also tell me when did Mark Henry did a running bulldog the way he does it in WWE 12 if you want to make the game as realistic as possible you did improve a few things I did see the WWE life trailer.

  32. Q1.) Regarding the Special Guest Referee match type-Fans already know about the inclusion of a ref-meter which limits the special ref from interfering in the match too much!
    My question is - Will this meter be optional for OFFLINE matches (just like adrenaline was optional last year)?

    ----Please reply to this and if you cant talk about it right now atleast reply saying u can't----

    Thanks! ;)

  33. Q1. Has Universe improved, can we edit more of its aspects?

    Q2. Are moveset's the correct?

    Q3. Any increase to any of the create slots?

  34. Two questions are on my mind:

    1. Is it possible to set an edited attire as default? Or, for example, if Kane had one attare with and one without mask, can we set the mask as default, so that it's automatically the standard in Universe Mode?

    2. How do "Catching Finishers" work? Is it really a reversal of any flying move and a smooth animation, or just a preset animation?

    Thanks a lot for your work, Matt!

  35. Why was the 6 man elimination tornado tag team match removed?

  36. 3 questions:

    1.will there be three stages of hell and/or the i quit match

    2.can you do mid -air finishers from the ladder or while you are laing down on the table

    3.will there be a home demo of wwe 13

  37. yo matt your good buddy markcho got a few questions lol
    1 : are the classic tag belts in
    2 : since ign mentioned the stage (are thier any WCW/ECW parts?)
    3 : are we able to edit colrs of enterance attires
    thanks man