Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pros and Cons of Universe 2.0 and what's going on in mine...

Hey everyone, welcome back. Today I'm going to give you a brief run-down of my Universe thus far. Afterwards I will include random thoughts that I have been able to remember so far about what I like this year and what I don't. Having this blog handy for now on I will be able to take notes of everything going forward. That way I won't forget anything that I do or do not like. So here we go!

So my first two pay per views of this years Universe mode are in the books with the Royal Rumble and the Elimination Chamber. First thing I want to do is let you all know about my Universe and what's going on inside of it...

I have two brands, I have WWE Raw and WCW Nitro. The Thursday show is Clash of the Champions with the idea of that being the only night guys from Raw will face guys from Nitro. But thanks to the games logic booking that hasn't worked out so well. I intend on starting to change that this week going forward on my own.

The Champions of each brand are as follows:


WWE Champion:
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Note: Brock Lesnar lost the title in the Elimination Chamber, Austin defeated CM Punk in the end to win the title. (Note: I was CM Punk. lol)

Intercontinental Champion:
Zack Ryder
Note: Zack has held this championship since the first Raw of my Universe. He has yet to lose it, and the Long Island Iced Z is steadily climbing up the ranks of the WWE.

World Tag Team Champions:
Note: Besides seeing some singles action on Clash of the Champions, Demolition has yet to appear as a tag team in my Universe...Very odd.

Divas Champion:
Note: Maryse defeated Kelly Kelly to win the Championship on the road to the Elimination Chamber.


World Heavyweight Champion:
Note: Eddie Guerrero lost the title in the Elimination Chamber, Vader beat Mark Henry in the end to win the title.

United States Champion:
Wade Barrett
Note: Wade won the title at the Royal Rumble from Booker T and has held it ever since.

Tag Team Champions:
The Road Warriors
Note: Much like Demolition, I have yet to see this tag team compete in my Universe.

Women's Champion:
Note: Just recently moved Eve to Nitro so there are 4 women on the show to give the title some variety. I have a couple created original divas on Raw already.

Royal Rumble Winner: AJ Styles, who will choose to face Vader at Wrestlemania for the World Heavyweight Championship

In my time with Universe so far there are some things I love, and some things I hate. So I'm gonna start naming them here in bullet points...

- I love the fact that titles can now be defended at anytime. While I have only done this a few times so far, the fact that I don't have to worry about rankings or waiting for a PPV to make changes in this is probably the most welcome addition to Universe this year.

- Besides the teams I have broken up on my own, I have seen zero teams break up this year. Which is a beautiful thing because last year if I had Beer Money or the Motor City Machine Guns break up one more time I was gonna lose it.

- While I enjoy the fact that you can edit shows, there is little that can be done with the Thursday show. You can't assign it championships and you can't change the brands which compete on said show. To make my brands work properly, I changed Smackdown's logo to WCW and WCW's logo to Smackdown. So my brands would actually both be on the Thursday show.

- I like the variety of cut scenes this year, they certainly seem to be more random and spread out. I don't recall seeing many repeats thus far which is always good thing. The more cut scenes the better. Keeps you playing instead of simming cause you never know what's going to happen next.

- Injuries seem to be happening way too much and never when I want them to. When I purposely try to injure someone they escape unharmed but when I just have a good match with a couple of finishers involved the guy goes out on a stretcher. That needs to be fixed, or at least have a more defined reason for injuries to be taking place.

- Speaking of injuries, while the game doesn't allow you to book injured superstars yourself, it seems to have ZERO problem booking them if they are involved in a storyline. The first week of my Universe Randy Orton who was the World Heavyweight Champion got injured on Nitro. But that didn't stop him from showing up on Raw for the next month getting involved with Alberto Del Rio and Brock Lesnar for no good explanation at all.

- I also don't like the aspects of people constantly showing up on other shows. When its the draft RAW I understand, Thursdays show which is supposed to be done by design I'm cool with. But when someone that is on Nitro is showing up on RAW more than his own show...that gets to be quite annoying.

- One of the things I liked about Universe last year was the ability to put someone in as a Free Agent and they wouldn't appear in your Universe anymore. This year sadly that isn't the case as Jack Swagger won't leave people alone on my shows. Its almost as if the game is trying to force him into story lines and I want no part of him in my brands at all. Trying to injure him does no good. Moving him to NXT does no good. Making him a 1 overall did nothing either. I even took away all his rivals and allies in hopes it would just stop using him, but for some reason the game obsesses over the All American American. Sometimes I wish the game would take the hint that you don't want certain people in matches. That's what free agency should be all about.

- One thing I don't understand is that when you edit a match that you don't like, that some of the other matches on the show change. I could understand if I was using someone that was in another match but I'm not. So I don't understand the CPU logic behind changing the other matches. Just my opinion.

- Lack of Created Superstar/Diva involvement in Universe is saddening for me thus far. Even after winning the Royal Rumble, AJ Styles has yet to appear on Nitro and has fought Justin Gabriel on Clash of the Champions 4 weeks in a row. He's won every single match. Its time to move him to the main show. My two created divas have only been involved in Universe when I have actually put them into a match. The game has refused to acknowledge that either of them are there. Lets hope as the year rolls on in Universe these things will change.

So far those are my pros and cons to Universe two PPVs in. I know a lot of people in the community are upset that you must have 15 Superstars on a brand in Universe, that doesn't include created superstars. Marcus Stephenson of THQ has gone on record that this is a bug in Universe, so maybe this can be corrected with a future patch.

Me personally, it isn't a problem. But if I was able to create additional shows in my Universe on different nights I would have a big issue with that. I honestly wish I could create just one show for the divas and take them off my other brands, but they won't let us do that. Maybe next year?

That's all I have for today, all future blog entries going forward will talk about my experiences going forward in Universe. What's happening in it, cool things I find, new things I don't like. It will all be covered here!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe you agree, maybe you don't. But that's the beauty of something like this. Be sure to leave a comment about what you love or hate about Universe below. Together as one voice we can make a better Universe mode for the future, but it all starts with us!

These have been the words of the Show.


  1. The universe Logic this year seems to be no logic. My first two matches actually involved my two created CAWS. Problem is they are on Smackdown and it was the raw show. As you stated I moved guys to free agents expecting them to be off my universe and this does not happen. The CAWS not counting as actual headcount is inexcusable. Especially after so many vids show Cory and Bryan saying how you can create all CAWs Brands and universe. Most people know me at as Stuman. It like one step forward and two steps backwards. And don't get me started on the servers.

  2. I was ROFL over your Swagger comments. For me, that's what Edge has been doing. It's really annoying.
    One other annoying thing is the same thing you noted - Smackdown superstars appearing on RAW more than their own show.
    But for me the MOST annoying thing in Universe 2.0 is the 15 WWE superstar per brand requirement. I'm beginning to think the WWE imposed this on THQ. Whatever the reason, it definitely detracts from my enjoyment.