Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another week...Another Jack Swagger edit!

My Universe is officially on the Road to Wrestlemania, from this week forward I will be making my own matches on Clash of the Champions. As for Raw and Nitro, I'm going to try and let the game continue to book things how it sees fit. Lets go over the highlights as they happen...


- DX vs. Slater and Gabriel
Thoughts: Slater is on no brands and I broke this tag team up weeks ago in Universe. Lets hope something cool comes from this. Ok cool Slater came out by himself, its now a handicap match against DX. DX wins in a massive squash! Post match, Gabriel and Christian run out and beat down DX for no reason at all. I really don't get why the game has randomly paired those two up, and to attack DX like that is just mind boggling.

- Maryse vs. Kelly Kelly
Thoughts: Kelly defeats Maryse in a non title match after interference from Kelly's friend Bobbi (A created Diva). About time a created Diva shows up in some resemblance of a storyline.

- CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar
Thoughts: This makes PERFECT sense. Punk pinned Lesnar in the Elimination Chamber the night before costing him the WWE Championship. Lesnar wants revenge. But that's not happening. Punk picks up a huge win on the road to Wrestlemania.

- Main event: Stone Cold vs. Vader
Thoughts: This was really just a gimmick match so the Royal Rumble winner could choose his opponent for Wrestlemania. AJ came out on commentary before the match, got involved very early on and attacked Vader securing his match with him for Wrestlemania.

Raw Notes: It seems that the game has turned Justin Gabriel heel. I'm honestly surprised he wasn't a heel already over how much he's been feuding with AJ Styles the past month. Speaking of AJ, I added some ROH alum to his allies list, hoping it sparks some cool storylines for him on the Road to Wrestlemania.


- Rob Van Dam vs. Chavo Guerrero
Thoughts: As this is RVDs first match in Universe I didn't want to edit this one, I figure I will let this play out and see if he gets a storyline out of it. Van Dam wins clean, no cut scene...Lame.

- Daniel Bryan vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Thoughts: My boy D-Bryan hasn't gotten any action in my Universe yet. Time to start his push against one of Nitros legends in Steamboat. And Daniel Bryan wins with the Labell Lock! After the match Cody Rhodes comes out and beats down Bryan with a lead pipe. A shame these two are on separate brands, I will make sure they are in the main event of Clash of the Champions next week!

- MAIN EVENT: Zack Ryder vs. Wade Barret (A True Clash of Champions)
Thoughts: Originally this match AGAIN had freakin overall rated 1 Jack Swagger in it. really getting tired of seeing him, as you can see...the match has obviously changed. Ryder scores the win with the Rough Ryder.

Show Notes: I've noticed that AJ Styles is finally not booked on the Thursday show, does that mean we will finally see him on Nitro? Guess we shall see...


- John Morrison vs. Booker T
Thoughts: Both of these guys are two of the more popular faces on Nitro, I'm really not understanding why they are about to wrestle one another. We shall see what this is all about...Oh man! Randy Orton jumps Booker T from behind (he returned the week before and attacked Booker, then punted him on PPV at the Elimination Chamber). Morrison picks up an easy win thanks to an assist from the Viper. Post match Orton passes Morrison on the ramp and goes in to beat down on Booker. Morrison rushes back to the ring to make the save. I smell a tag match coming!

- Layla vs. Michelle McCool
Thoughts: So tired of seeing these two fight, seriously...Its been almost every freakin week. I took control of McCool and hit Layla with a chair to cause the DQ and move on. I can't stand McCool.

- John Cena vs. Mark Henry
Thoughts: Time for the burial of John Cena to begin. Universe wasn't using him on Raw so its time to move him to Nitro. I swapped him and Randy Orton at the Elimination Chamber. Of course beating John Cena is never easy, the game sends Kane out (music and all) to interfere in the match. Luckily for me I had a ring escape to use once Cena hit his Attitude Adjustment. Henry wins with a Worlds Strongest Slam.

- MAIN EVENT: Eddie Guerrero vs. Sheamus
Thoughts: Eddie just lost his World Championship at the Elimination Chamber. At least he's still in the main event scene going up against a heel Sheamus. Eddie picks up the win with the Frog Splash. Post match Morrison comes out and raises Eddie's hand. JoMo and Cena teased forming a stable with Eddie at the end of Nitro last week.

Besides having to change the booking for the Clash, and that fact that AJ Styles and Vader were both absent from Nitro this week...I really have no complaints per say about Universe this week. Wish they would mix up the Divas matches a bit, but hopefully more CAWs and DLC will fix that problem in the weeks to come. Thanks for reading, until next time...

These have been the words of the Show.

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