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2012 Royal Rumble Results! WWE '12 Edition!

Hey everyone,

Happy Royal Rumble Sunday to you all. Instead of sharing the latest happenings in my Universe today. I figured I wanted to actually simulate the 2012 WWE Royal Rumble PPV. I will give my thoughts on the PPV itself. Followed by what happened in my games simulation, then finally what I THINK will happen on the actual show. So lets see how close the game mimics reality, the Royal Rumble simulation starts...RIGHT NOW!


John Cena vs. Kane
Thoughts: I'm sorry, I just don't care about this match at all! Between John Cena's horrible acting and Kane's long winded promos that take ten minutes to get across what could be said in five...Its just getting tiresome. I wish they would wrap up their program on the show tonight...But I doubt it!

What WWE '12 says will happen: Kane dominates early. Hits the chokeslam and Super Cena kicks out at 2. Cena fires back hitting the 5 knuckle shuffle off the top rope followed by the attitude adjustment. Kane kicks out at 2 as well. Cena hits his comeback but Kane quickly counters with another chokeslam picking up the victory of John Cena.

What I think will happen: I think John Cena finally "embraces the hate" tonight hate and goes off on Kane. So much so in fact that the referee ends up disqualifying him. So in retrospect I agree with the game that Kane will win, we just see the outcome of the match differently. Who will be right? We shall see tonight!

Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry vs. Big Show in a Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Thoughts: I have very much enjoyed the evolution of Daniel Bryan the past month from face underdog to weasily cocky heel. I think all three men have done a fantastic job and hope they put on a great match tonight. My fear is though with Mark Henry's injuries...this match might not end up being as good as it should be.

What WWE '12 says will happen: Mark Henry is busy beating down Daniel Bryan as Big Show actually CLIMBS OVER THE TOP and escapes the cage becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion! Hahahaha!

What I think will happen: I think Daniel Bryan will some how escape the cage by the skin of his teeth to remain champion. So I disagree with WWE '12 on their result here.

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship
Thoughts: The fact that Ziggler hasn't gotten really one clean win over Punk in the past month doesn't really have me questioning the outcome of this match at all. Although I think if given time could be a very early candidate for match of the year. Only time will tell.

What WWE '12 says will happen: Punk absolutely dominates from start to finish in what made for a very boring match. Punk wins with the GTS. And after that performance, WWE may be sending Mr. Ziggles back to Superstars...Geez!

What I think will happen: Johnny Ace will obviously have to play this match down the middle since Triple H is coming to town on Monday. Punk wins clean in a great match, simple as that.

The Royal Rumble Match:
Thoughts: Not nearly enough hype for this match this year for my liking. The Rumble is probably my favorite match every year. So to see it not get the respect it deserves this year is pretty annoying...Still, I think it should be a pretty damn entertaining match. We shall see!

Order of entry-
1.) Randy Orton
2.) Santino Marella
3.) Christian
4.) Brock Lesnar
5.) John Cena
6.) Heath Slater
7.) Ezekiel Jackson
8.) Goldust
9.) Drew McIntyre
10.) CM Punk
11.) Mason Ryan
12.) Booker T
13.) Daniel Bryan
14.) Dolph Ziggler
15.) David Otunga
16.) Cody Rhodes
17.) Vader
18.) Alberto Del Rio
19.) Chris Jericho
20.) Yoshi Tatsu
21.) Wade Barrett
22.) Michael McGillicutty
23.) Sheamus
24.) R-Truth
25.) Kofi Kingston
26.) The Miz
27.) Justin Gabriel
28.) Kane
29.) Big Show
30.) Alex Riley

What WWE '12 says will happen: Randy Orton was the iron man of the match lasting through the first 15 entrants. So the game says Orton will have a GREAT showing in his hometown! In the end, it came down to Big Show and Alex Riley as I facepalmed and sighed. According to this Royal Rumble simulation, not only does Big Show win the World Championship but he wins the Rumble as well...LAME!!!!!!!

What I think will happen: Chris Jericho wins the Royal Rumble and will go on to face CM Punk at WrestleMania! Woooooooooooo! :D

Thanks for reading my Royal Rumble simulation blog. Hope you all enjoy the PPV tonight. And if you're reading this after the PPV has aired. I hope you enjoyed it!

These have been the words of the Show!

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