Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another week in Universe...what's to come?

Welcome back to my Universe blog as the Road to Wrestlemania continues, we kick things off as usual with Monday Night Raw...

- DX vs. Justin Gabriel, Christian, and a mystery partner
Thoughts: Ok well at least they are following up on the angle from last weeks Raw but once again, Just Gabriel isn't on freakin Raw! Mystery partner turns out to be...EDGE! E & C reunited...That's pretty dope! DX wins a hard fought match when HBK knocks out a bloody Edge with some Sweet Chin Music! Afterwards Heath Slater runs in and raises D-X's hands in victory...*groans* I don't care if Heath had to fight alone last week or not. I don't want him ANYWHERE near D-X!

The game now tells me Heath Slater is a face, I guarantee you all six of his fans care.

- The Rock vs. Randy Orton
Thoughts: Now this is an interesting match. With Orton walking down the aisle right now. I really don't know who I want to win. I think I'm going to let the AI control this match because I can't choose...lets see how this goes! Haha, interference galore! First Christian comes out to distract the Rock and Orton takes control and hits an RKO but then the glass shatters and Austin runs out and starts brawling with Christian allowing Rock to hit the Rock Bottom and get the win, that was a pretty fun AI match!

- Maryse vs. Kelly Kelly
Thoughts: Didn't really want to see this match two weeks in a row but its on Raw and I'm trying not to change things. Pretty much like last week, Bobbi interfered again but this time Maryse was able to overcome it and still pick up the win. Hopefully this feud will move on soon.

- CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar
Thoughts: Another repeat from last week. Obviously Brock isn't happy about losing his title at the Elimination Chamber because of Punk. This time Punk wasn't having it as he stormed down the ramp and attacked Lesnar before the match. Punk eventually won with the anaconda vice.

Overall a solid Raw but I'm sick of the same Divas matches week after week. Come on man!

Before I move onto Clash of the Champions I took the advice of a member of the WWE Games Community forums and created an extra brand. I entitled it "Jobbers" and gave it the FCW logo and proceeded to put everyone I don't want popping up in Universe in that slot. Lets see if this fixes the issue of the never going away Jack Swagger or not!


Notes: Right off the freakin bat there's Jack Swagger again..NO NO NO NO! *changes opening match*

- Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar vs. Booker T and John Morrison
Thoughts: After Morrison helping run off Randy Orton last week on Nitro after his attack on Booker T I felt this tag match would be appropriate. Plus the fact that Lesnar has lost 3 matches in a row...I want to be able to give him a good win and stop his momentum from plummeting. Great showing for Orton and Lesnar. Orton picks up the win for his team with an RKO on Morrison

- Alex Riley vs. Daniels
Thoughts: Christopher Daniels Universe debut, looking to pick up a big win here against A-Ry to start things off right! And in pretty much a squash match, Daniels picks up the victory. After the match Daniels goes to get a chair but a returning from injury Husky Harris makes the unwelcome save...only to blast Riley in the skull with the chair. I will admit, I laughed.

- Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes w/ Ted DiBiase
Thoughts: I'm pretty happy about this! The game actually booked this without me having to do it for them! Awesome! Cody came charging to the ring to take DB down. Honestly I think after getting a pipe to the head last week, it should have been the other way around...but whatever. Very hard match to come back from, luckily I reversed Cody's finisher and hit the labell lock to pick up a big win for my boy D-Bryan! After the match, Ted Dibiase snaps and attacks Bryan with the pipe! Looks like I already have next weeks main event all lined up! :)

Notes: I have moved Husky Harris to the "Jobber" brand in hopes I never see him again...which means I'll probably see him next week on the Clash.


Notes: Ok, normally I'm not big on changing matches on the Monday or Friday show. But for crying out loud! Besides the main event, AJ Styles vs. Vader we get 2 repeats from last week and Booker T vs Randy Orton which I just had a tag match play out with them on the Clash! I will let that match go as its labeled as a "remarkable match" but Eddie/Sheamus and Layla/McCool are being EDITED!

- Booker T vs. Randy Orton
Thoughts: While I hate the fact that Orton is on Nitro now more than he was when he was on the damn brand to begin with...I'm hoping if I let this feud with Booker run its course that it will end and he will stay on Raw where he belongs! So lets punt Booker in the head and get it over with! Oh look who it is John Morrison has chosen to come out to ringside to be in Booker's corner. He might end up getting an RKO for his problems if he doesn't stay out of this match! Oh joy I screwed up and lost. *facepalms* If this feud continues I'm gonna lose it...*sigh*

- Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry
Thoughts: During the match the lights go red and Kanes pyro hits as he makes his way to the ring. I figured he would be out here to stop me from beating up Rey but after the worlds strongest slam he let me get the pinfall. Can't say I'm complaining...

- Jasmine vs. Layla
Thoughts: I just put Jasmine (A Heel created Diva) on Nitro. Figure might as well start her off with a match against the champion. I'm thinking I'm going to take out a majority of the in game WWE Divas and replace them with created ones leading into Wrestlemania. Obviously you'll see that go on here as we go along...Jasmine wins this match easily with a super kick. Created Divas > WWE Divas. Just sayin...

- AJ Styles vs. Vader
Thoughts: An EXCELLENT main event on Nitro which say many near falls going back and forth. At one point I started to worry I was pull a Randy Orton and do the job but it was not to be! AJ Styles wins, taking two Styles Clashes to put the World Champion away! The stage is set, can AJ do it again at the grandest stage of them all? Wrestlemania!

Thanks for joining me for another week of my Universe! This weekend I intend to put up a blog which will cover the hot topic debate of the WWE '12 Servers and Community Creations. I'm thinking every weekend I will have a WWE '12 blog, non-universe related post...just to keep things fresh!

Until next time...

These have been the words of the Show!

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