Sunday, January 22, 2012

Legends DLC and What I Want In the Title Patch...

Hey everyone,

Its the last NFL Sunday until the Super Bowl and I'm sitting here watching the championship games while I write this. So this should be interesting! Haha!

A lot of speculation going around the web right now regarding on when we will see the WWE '12 Legends DLC and the Title Patch update which is supposed to fix a lot of bugs within the game.

We all know its coming this month, but is it this Tuesday (the 24th)? Or next (the 31st)? At this point with no information revealed about what is in the patch I have to say that we will see this all drop into our laps on the 31st of January. Am I happy about it? No, not really. I would have loved to have all this stuff weeks ago. But things happen and hopefully it will all be worth the wait.

We have an EXCELLENT DLC pack including "The Animal" Batista, Mick Foley, and "The Macho Man" Randy Savage! No to mention free DLC of "The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay. While he will come packaged as his previous gimmick its an easy fix really...

- Superstar thread his gear to red.
- Change his theme to "Somebody Call My Momma" (Already on my 360 HDD)
- Change his entrance to something more appropriate (Some are saying use Val Venis, we shall see when the time comes to go through them all.)

And bam you will have the man from Planet Funk in your game!

But besides the awesome upcoming DLC we have the much talked about and debated patch. And everyone all over the WWE Games community is debating on what its going to include. A lot of people including myself were disappointed in the patch for SVR 2011 because in all honesty, it really didn't do a whole lot to help improve the game. Here's my wish list of what I hope to see in the title patch update coming out later this month...

- A fix to Community Creations
While the matches I've played online in WWE '12 have been the best since SVR 2009. I can't help but feel the lack of stability on the Community Creations end has left a sour taste inside my mouth and many others in the WWE Games Community. This is my most important patch fix. I just want to be able to search CC without being booted constantly and not being able to search for the things I want to find.

- A better skin color system system in Create A Superstar/Diva
I know this is probably a pipe dream. But I hate the lack of colors you can choose from for the skin colors in WWE '12. They introduced this skin color system in SVR 2011. I hated it then, and I still hate it now. I would love to see it get removed and go back to the old way. I know its a long shot, but I would LOVE to see it happen!

- Transparency added back to Create A Superstar/Diva the way it used to be
Another thing that was introduced in SVR 2011 has really yet to be properly fixed. I really don't know how they could add two so horrible things to CAS in 2011 and allow them to remain for 2012 but it happened. Hopefully this gets a fix as well. I'm pretty sure people in the CAS community would love to get these issues fixed. But we probably won't see it until WWE '13

- Fixing the Create A Superstar/Diva brand only problem in Universe mode
While this isn't a HUGE deal to me, I can completely understand why its a game breaker to some. If I wanted to make an all created character brand and remove the in-game ones. I should be able to, and since it was said prior to the release of the game that you could...I would like to see THQ come through and fix this for Universe lovers everywhere.

Those are really my main things I'd love to see fixed in this patch. While there are many more minor gripes and complaints I'd love to see addressed I don't want to expect the world from this patch. I'd rather have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised then over hype myself for it, only to end up disappointed.

Speaking of ending up disappointed, the big elephant in the room over the past couple of weeks has been the free "Make Good" DLC coming from THQ for WWE '12 later this month. We all already know its not Chris Jericho, which I think would have been everyone's first choice. I just think people need to keep low expectations here as well. People are hyping this SO much, and I think its pretty much impossible for everyone to be satisfied by the end result.

Personally for me, I'm just happy we are getting something extra for free. THQ surely didn't have to do that, but they are...And I thank them for it!

We will see where the patch and what not goes this month. And you can be sure once the patch details are officially announced, I'll be right here to talk about it!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

These have been the words of the Show!


  1. I still think that the "Make Good DLC" is still going to be Chris Jericho, and I say that because if you read the news on the WWE '12 online main menu page, they mention "Break The Walls Down". I just hope that they're talking about Y2J and not someone else.

    1. I'm promise you man, its not Jericho. Please don't hype yourself up like this. Its not worth it. Just d/l Petchy's Jericho and call it a day.