Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Road to Extreme Rules Comes With Some Frustration...

Another week in Universe as Extreme Rules draws near. As I love the current WWE direction on TV and nothing came from the proposed stable on Nitro two weeks ago. I have made a stable of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Zack Ryder and have called them "Best in the World" lets see if the game will choose to acknowledge this at all on TV...


- CM Punk vs. Edge, Christian, and The Miz
Thoughts: Oh yea, because THIS is fair? Honestly I would change the match but since its "remarkable" it will never leave me alone until I finish it, lets get this over with! VERY annoyed at the game. Universe was insisting on having Edge walk out on Christian and breaking up their tag team. Um no, not on my watch. Hit rematch, grabbed a chair as Christian and clobbered Punk with it. Punk wins, no break up...bite me Universe logic!

Post Match Thoughts: Oh for crying out loud the game broke them up anyways! BS! I went in and put them back together. So annoying...

- Dominique Frost vs. Maryse for the #1 Contendership of the Divas title
Thoughts: As much as I love Maryse its time to push her down the card for the created girls. Although I do have some awesome plans for Kharma in the future on my Universe, but that's another time and another place. For now its time to give Maryse a beat down. Dominique destroys Maryse in a matter of minutes to claim the number one contendership to Bobbi's championship. Will Bobbi's title reign be in jeopardy come Extreme Rules?

- Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
Thoughts: The D-X and Lesnar feud continues. As Lesnar beats down Triple H, HBK runs out to interfere but Brock overcomes just like he did against HBK the week before and wins with the F-5!

- Diamond Dallas Page vs. Mr. Showtime w/ Victoria Valentine
Thoughts: And we continue the feud that makes no sense as the Showtime and DDP feud continues. This week Victoria accompanies Showtime to ringside again, like she did two weeks prior. Lets see what this week is all about...Before the match can get under way, Styx comes out to ringside and her and Victoria get into a catfight at ringside. Hahahaha wow! The ref, DDP, and Showtime are all distracted by this as the match officially begins. Both girls end up being ejected from ringside as the match is strictly one on one. Showtime picks up the win with the Pedigree. After the match, Victoria and Styx are on the ramp as Showtime goes up it, they both raise Showtimes arms in victory? LMAO wow...You've gotta be kidding me! /
Post Thoughts: Well, Victoria has officially turned face, wow. What an odd yet hilarious storyline...


The Ultimate Warrior vs. Justin Gabriel
Thoughts: FINALLY WARRIORS HE HAS RETURNED! I just downloaded the amazing Ultimate Warrior from CC and when I put him in my Universe. The game bumped Robert Roode and put Warrior in the spot instead. One Warrior Nation approves this decision, Warrior wins with ease with a MIGHTY gorilla press slam!!! *snarls*

Trish Stratus vs. Denise
Thoughts: Before this match can really get going, a debuting Bianca Da Silva interferes laying out both girls. Making her presence felt in the new company which she just joined. Evil rich platinum blonde heel about to shake things up around here.

Rob Van Dam vs. Ted DiBiase and Wade Barrett
Thoughts: Before the match can get underway, RVD comes out on the entrance ramp apparently injured as if he was jumped backstage or something earlier in the show? It would be nice to know WHY he is hurt? But Jeff Hardy comes out and offers to take his place. So its now Jeff Hardy against the dangerous duo in a handicap match. After a long fought battle the Charismatic Enigma picks up the win with a twist of fate on DiBiase.

After the match Ted DiBiase FLIPS OUT and starts tearing apart the commentators table. Cole starts mouthing off and Ted DECKS him! I'm popping huge! My favorite cut scene in Universe so far. Shouldn't that make him a face? LOL! I might book Ted vs Cole on Clash next week...we shall see...


John Cena and a Mystery Partner vs. R-Truth and Eddie Guerrero
Thoughts: Greeeeat even though Eddie was injured last week he's been booked back this week thanks to "Remarkable Moments" you know, I liked the whole concept of it at first since it was a guaranteed cut scene but now that you can't skip them and they come back week after week and force injured stars into matches, I'm starting to hate them. John Cena's mystery partner...Mark Henry! All I can say is...lol A pretty fun opener that could've gone either way. A bloody Cena was able to get the pinfall victory against R-Truth with an Attitude Adjustment. After the match Henry and Cena layout Eddie and Truth with steel chairs. I think Cena might have to join Pain Inc. soon at this rate. lol

Felicia Fury vs. Jasmine #1 Contendership for the Womens Championship
Thoughts: Two #1 Contender Women's matches on TV this week? Someones gonna get short changed at Extreme Rules...I hate when they pull this crap! Great back and forth match which started to turn the tide for Felicia. When Felicia hit the torture rack though Jessica Jackson rushes to ringside to distract the referee to keep her from tapping out. Next thing you know Styx runs out to start brawling with Jessica! Diva mayhem on Nitro!!! But after all the chaos calms down, another torture rack ensures Felicia Fury is the new #1 contender. Katrina...Look out!

The Rock vs. William Regal
Thoughts: Yes, because apparently Rock's feud with John Cena is no longer important, lets book this instead? *facepalms* Its almost as if the CPU logic of this game chooses to book the Friday show like crap. During the match Cena came out and tried to get involved but the Rock still prevailed picking up the victory with a Rock Bottom, GOOD! The feud DOES continue!!!

AJ Styles vs. Booker T
Thoughts: This should have been a great main event on Nitro, but on Booker T's way to the ring Kane comes out and brutally attacks him from behind. Injuring him, thus making this match not nearly as fun as it could have been. Booker T put up a hell of a fight but just couldn't overcome the attack from Kane and was defeated by a Styles Clash to end Nitro.

Overall an enjoyable week of Universe, although I'm starting to feel like I'm enjoying playing Raw a lot more than Nitro. Gotta figure out a way to change that going forward. Wonder what I can do...

On a more positive note, In the next blog my Universe arrives at Extreme Rules! Should be awesome! Till next time folks!

These have been the words of the Show!

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