Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Road to Extreme Rules Continues...

The Draft feels like a distant memory and its another week in my WWE Universe. The DLC Divas have been added into my Universe. It will be very interesting to see if any of them pop up this week. Without further ado...Lets kick off WWE Raw!

- CM Punk vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Thoughts: Its a remarkable match so no use changing it. The game apparently LOVES this feud now! lol Another good match that went back and forth. Took the champion two Go to Sleeps to put Stone Cold away. Punk wins in a non-title match. At the end of the match Christian, Edge, and Miz all hit the ramp and point at the champion. New challengers lined up perhaps? We shall see...

- Dominique Frost vs. Bobbi Jackson
Thoughts: Time to create a new number one contender for Bobbi's championship. Perfect match set up by my Universe in which to do so. Dominique pretty much dominates the champion and defeats her with her finisher, the Ice Pick. (Razors Edge/Celtic Cross). Will be interesting if the game creates a title match between the two at Extreme Rules now.

- Shawn Michaels vs. Brock Lesnar
Thoughts: Great back and forth match, as Lesnar goes for the F-5 Triple H runs out to distract the ref not allowing him to get the pinfall. As soon as Triple H is finally ejected from ringside. Brock hits a 2nd F-5 to pick up the victory. Poor HBK...lol

- Diamond Dallas Page vs. Mr. Showtime
Thoughts: I just don't understand this feud. DDP isn't on RAW. He's Nitro. And Showtime is new to RAW...ontop of that...They are BOTH faces! Poor DDP...I'm not gonna let my main CAW come in here and job out to put the Master of the Diamond Cutter over, sorry...about his damn luck! Before the match can begin, Styx returns to ringside as both guys stare at her. Who knows who's side she's on. After kicking DDP in the nuts last week, I can't imagine she's out here for him...but you never know! At one point DDP goes outside of the ring and tries to start getting involved with Styx. Showtime goes after him and nails him with a pedigree on the floor. Finish of the match saw DDP do a wake up taunt to hit the diamond cutter, but Showtime reverses it into a Pedigree for the victory. After the match, Showtime is walking up the ramp and Victoria Valentine comes out to congratulate him. She takes his arm and leads him back up the ramp as Raw goes off the air.


Pre-Show Thoughts: Um...Wow? LMAO! This card looks like an edition of Impact Wrestling! Hahaha! Wait till you guys see this card. Sure it includes a few WWE guys but looking at this card has me rolling. I did not edit this card in any way. Enjoy!

- Kurt Angle vs. James Storm
Thoughts: One of TNAs big money feuds have landed in my Universe. Freakin hilarious! Lets see how this goes here...After kicking out of the first Angle Slam. Kurt went nuts. Hitting another two finishers before finally picking up the victory. It will be interesting to see if the Cowboy goes out with an injury, art imitating life perhaps? Nope, no injury. Too bad...would have been funny!

- Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam vs. Ted DiBiase and Wade Barrett
Thoughts: Former best friends in TNA are now tagging in my game? What kind of craziness is this!? Is Vince Russo booking my Thursday show!? Haha...well anyways, lets see what this is about. Could be a pretty sweet new tag team in my division if all goes well and they pick up a win here. Won't be an easy task against the United States and Million Dollar Champions. Really fun back and forth match with brawling all around ringside. RVD and Hardy pick up the victory with Hardy pins the United States Champion with a Twist of Fate.

- Robert Roode vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Samoa Joe
Thoughts: Oh no no no, Joe's streak doesn't end here. It doesn't end any time soon damnit! Not till the Samoan Submission Machine gets some gold! So lets clobber some people now shall we? Joe wins in a hard fought match. Tons of near falls, triple threats drive me nuts! lol


- John Cena and John Morrison vs. The Rock and a Mystery Partner
Thoughts: The once again heel Morrison teams with his good buddy Cena against the Rock and a mystery partner, this should be interesting to say the least. The Rock's mystery partner is...Mark Henry. Another heel, yea...that makes sense! SMH...Anyways, Rock and Henry have the match well in hand until Henry turns on the Rock and lays him out walking out on him. John Cena picks up the cowardly win. What a jerk...Mark Henry returns to the ring after the match and raises Cena and Morrison's hands...it was a set up all along!

- Katrina Showtime vs. Jasmine
Thoughts: Not really much of a match here as Felicia Fury comes out and just levels the champion. Helping her friend Jasmine pick up the tainted victory over the current women's champion. Surely there will be hell to pay next week on Nitro!

- AJ Styles vs. Kane
Thoughts: Pretty much domination by AJ here. At one point Vader comes out and tries to get involved but AJ beat him down and sent him packing to the back. When its all said and done a Styles Clash puts Kane away. The bald Kane is just meh...Can't really care enough to give him a push. Wish THQ would have had masked Kane in as an alt attire this year. That would have been dope!

- Eddie Guerrero vs. R-Truth
Thoughts: The referee gets knocked out, Cena comes up and it looks like he's going to help his friend Eddie but he hits him with an Attitude Adjustment! Cole starts flipping out that Cena attacked his friend but Cena attacks Truth as well. The referee comes to throwing the match out. Like I said earlier, John Cena is a jerk! lol

WOW! The game now says that Eddie is out with an injury. Way to lay out your former friend Cena. lol

Post Universe Week Thoughts: Well, it was certainly a fun week in Universe but the thing that irks me is that there was absolutely no acknowledgment of the supposed stable formation at the end of Nitro last week. Well that's fine universe....guess I'm gonna make my own stable and debut them...NEXT WEEK ON RAW!!! Mua ha ha ha!

These have been the words of the Show!

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