Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Apparently Jack Swagger is the Terminator...This week in Universe!

Welcome back to my Universe blog as the Road to Wrestlemania continues, we kick things off with Monday Night Raw...And no Heath Slater...You will NOT be on my show!

- DX vs. Edge and Christian
Thoughts: This match was originally booked a 6 man and included Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater....Yeaaaaaaaaaaa, I don't care. That's not happening in my Universe! After an AWESOME back and forth opening contest, Edge hits a big spear on Triple H to pick up the win! That reeked of awesomeness...

- The Rock vs. Alberto Del Rio
Thoughts: Obviously a match with a lot at stake in the WWE Title picture here, and that is proven by the fact that the WWE Champion Stone Cold hit the ring during this match. Not being much of a factor however as the Rock nails Alberto with the peoples elbow to pick up the victory!

- Maryse vs. Susan Rigger
Thoughts: I took out a lot of the in game WWE Divas and replaced them with the created ones that myself and a friend of mine make every year. As of right now only 3 of the 7 Divas from the games roster remain on a brand in my Universe. Maryse, the champion gets dismantled by Susan showing that a new brand of Divas are in town, putting the WWE on notice.

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. R-Truth
Thoughts: Always nice to see the WWE Champion in action in the main event of Monday Night Raw. Stone Cold = Ratings. I really wish he wasn't wearing the title around his waist though, Austin never did that. He held it in his hand and dragged it along with him to the ring. Hopefully if Austin is back as a legend next year (as he should be) they will mo-cap him a new title entrance...And hopefully a beer bath post match victory animation as well! R-Truth must think there's a c-o-n-spriacy going on here cause Stone Cold just wiped the floor with him! That's it for Raw!


- Alex Riley vs. Daniels w/ Husky Harris
Thoughts: Husky Harris made his unwelcome return to my Universe last week attacking Riley, the man who injured him previously in the very first week of my Universe mode...Sadly Daniels has to be involved in this, poor Daniels. After some tricky interference from that pesky Husky Harris. Daniels hits the BME followed by Angels Wings to pick up the victory. While it claimed the match was a "Remarkable Match" I got no cut scene from it...Lame!

- The Miz and Jack Swagger vs. Demolition
Thoughts: I've had ENOUGH of Jack Swagger! This originally was a match that had R-Truth and Regal against them but I switched it to Demolition. I'm going to try and injure Jack Swagger and put him out once and for all....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Demolition DESTROYS Jack Swagger. Bloodying him up and hitting him with their tag finishers FIVE times! And after its all said and done...STILL NO INJURY!!! ARGH!!!!! Moving on!!!

- Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase
Thoughts: My boy D-Bryan getting a lot of main event time on the Clash of the Champions lately. He deserves it...I smell a big future push for him in my Universe. Cody Rhodes has joined Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside. This is probably not good for D-Bryan. But alas, Cody remains uninvolved and Daniel Bryan gets the submission victory with the Labell lock! And of course, not Jack Swagger...but Ted DiBiase gets carted out! Just my luck, smh.


Pre-Show thoughts: What a COMPLETE disaster. This show is HORRIFIC! I'm re booking the entire show!

- Vader and Mark Henry vs. Booker T and John Morrison
Thoughts: Originally this was Orton vs. Booker again with Morrison at ringside, enough of that crap. Moving on! Vader destroys Booker T and picks up the win. No one is tagged, felt like a typical divas match on real WWE Programming, although this one went a bit longer. lol

- Sheamus vs. John Cena
Thoughts: Since I'd love to see if the game will book John Cena vs. the Rock for Wrestlemania I am going to interfere in this match as the Rock and cost John Cena the match! Mua ha ha! Ref bump....Rock runs out...Rock Bottoms Cena...Sheamus gets the win! FELLA!

Note: The game tried to turn the Rock heel for attacking Cena, F that! I turned Rock back to face and turned Cena heel. None of that feeling sorry for Cena garbage in my Universe!

- Bobbi Jackson vs. Layla
Thoughts: Much like on Raw, I'm having a created Diva knock off the brands champion. Eventually my divas division will be nothing but created girls...Except Kharma and Trish Stratus...and probably Maryse. lol

- AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio (Elimination Match)
Thoughts: Figure its time to get the Royal Rumble winner a big push going into his match with the man they call Vader at Wrestlemania. What better way to do that then beating 3 of top guys on Nitro! AJ eliminates Cody with Spiral Tap. Then eliminates Rey with a Styles Clash...and finishes off Eddie with one more Styles Clash! HUGE win for the Phenomenal one to close out Nitro!

Notes: Even though the booking sucked going into the show I'm pretty happy with how it turned out now. Hopefully things will get better on Nitro from here. Just a few weeks away from Wrestlemania!!!

See you all next time! Thanks for reading!

These have been the words of the Show!

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