Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blockbuster Trade to kick off this week in my Universe...

After that draft week, I'll admit it had me reeling. I didn't know what to do. And thanks to me downloading some CAWs it completely unbalanced my brands. With Raw now having 4 people more than Nitro. So I made a "block buster" deal before Raw's show. Doing the following...

Nitro Receives:
- Wade Barrett (United States Champion)
- Mark Henry
- Vader

Raw Receives:
- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Nitro was pretty light on the heel side with the exception of Cena so I think its a good call to move some heels back onto the brand. Plus returning Austin back to Raw allows him to continue his storyline with Punk and Del Rio. And it never hurts for Nitro to get their United States Champion back! Haha, lets kick things off this week with Monday Night Raw!


- Stone Cold vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk
Thoughts: Before the match started it was announced that the match is now, pinfalls count anywhere. Meh I say. Not that great of a match change up, but whatever. Lets do this thing! In what could easily be described as an early match of the year candidate. Punk makes a bloody Del Rio tap out to the Anaconda Vice. At one point in the match Austin and Punk double teamed Del Rio but it didn't last long. Punk ate two stunners but still managed to come back and get the big win. Austin didn't look pleased as Del Rio tapped out, missing the chance to break it up by a matter of seconds, but post match Punk offered a handshake to Austin and he accepted. The two raised each others hands in a really awesome moment. Good times!

- Bobbi Jackson vs. Maryse for the Divas Championship
Thoughts: Although I think I will keep Maryse employed on Raw, I'm pretty much set to push my created Divas exclusively going forward. Bobbi is Maryse's biggest rival on Raw. So its time for her to win the title. Maryse put up a hell of a fight which I attribute to the momentum meter as she's had a hell of a run in my universe but Bobbi hits the pedigree to become the new WWE Divas Champion.

- Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton
Thoughts: Man this has been on hell of a Raw! Orton and Michaels have a GREAT match! HBK kicks out of the RKO at 2 and a half, then HBK goes for his comeback and nails it. But Christian runs out and distracts Michaels which allowed Orton to turn the tables and nail a punt on HBK to win the match.

- DDP w/ Styx vs. ??? w/ Victoria Valentine
Thoughts: *facepalms* Ok, DDP and Styx are both on Nitro. I would have skipped this match over but being a remarkable match I just know that it will show up each and every week until I allow it to happen so lets get this over with. I hate cross over brand matches that don't take place on Clash of the Champions...really annoying. So DDPs mystery opponent is...Mr. Showtime! My main created superstar for as long as I can remember makes his WWE '12 Universe debut in the main event of Raw. Craziness! Freakin awesome match. Victoria and Styx brawled all around ringside while the action happened in the ring. Showtime at one point had DDP tapping to the Showshooter but Styx had the referee distracted so it didn't count. Showtime reversed two Diamond Cutters in the match and finally got the tapout victory with the Showshooter. Showtime and Victoria celebrate in the ring after the match. After the match Styx gets into the ring to help DDP up only to kick him below the belt. Styx stands tall over the Master of the Diamond Cutter as Raw goes off the air.


- Justin Gabriel vs. Robert Roode
Thoughts: Wow, I honestly couldn't care less about this match. Ha! I think I'm gonna let the computer sort this one out. I wanted to do Beer Money in my game but with James Storm on RAW now I really just don't know if I'm gonna end up doing anything with either guy. Lets see what the CPU thinks...Gabriel kicks out of the Perfect Plex at 2 and had a nice little come back but it was too little too late as Robert Roode picks up the win.

- Felicia Fury vs. Veronica Payne
Thoughts: Two of the newer created divas to my brands make their debuts against one another on Clash of the Champions obviously looking to move up the ranks for title contention. Felicia is a power house while Veronica is more of an MMA style wrestler. Should be a good one! Veronica escapes the torture rack and managed to mount a comeback only to have her finisher reversed into another torture rack. It was just too much for the MMA girl to handle as she tapped out to the power house diva.

- Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Ax
Thoughts: Kinda lame to see Ax involved in this match. Would have made a great triple threat match of new Raw talent from the draft, but it was not to be. Demolition should be more worried about getting their titles back then doing singles competition...Just sayin...RVD picks up the win by pinning Jeff Hardy. Post match Ted Dibiase returns and attacks RVD laying him out as Clash goes off the air.


- Booker T vs. John Cena
Thoughts: Couldn't help myself from continuing the Rock/Cena story as I had the Rock run in and Rock Bottom Cena, helping Booker T pick up the victory. Good times! :)

- Sheamus vs. Kane for the Hardcore Championship
Thoughts: This was a brawl in every sense of the word. The two brawled all over the arena. Kane got busted open when Sheamus nailed him in the head with the title. Kane at one point ripped the title out of Sheamus's hand which set him up perfectly for a brogue kick outside of the ring which set up the victory, congrats to the new Hardcore champion...Sheamus!

- The Rock vs. R-Truth
Thoughts: Gonna play the match here as the Rock and REALLY hope the AI has Cena run down here and do something. You just got humiliated two matches ago Cena, show you got some guts and show up! And the Rock wins with a Rock Bottom. No Cena, are you serious bro!? Cena is a COWARD!!! Okay, well Cena hits the ramp after the match with Raw's John Morrison and just points at the Rock, I'm sorry...not impressed! And once again, Morrison turns heel. dumb *rolls eyes*

- AJ Styles vs. Eddie Guerrero in a Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Thoughts: This bout was already scheduled as a ladder match, so I thought...what the hell, why not take this all the way! I would imagine if these two could've had a ladder match against one another in their careers they would have torn the house down. After a great match AJ retains.

Afterwards, Austin and CM Punk come out on the ramp and meet AJ and the 3 embrace and raise each others hands, has AJ Styles just jumped to Raw? Are we seeing the formation of a new stable!? What is going on!?!?

What a crazy week in Universe, seems like its only gonna get crazier next week! Thanks for reading!

These have been the words of the Show!

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