Sunday, December 11, 2011

What Grinds My Gears: Breaking Point online

Hey everyone,

As much as I love WWE '12, Its not perfect. And in hindsight...I guess no wrestling game is. But if we remain quiet on the things we don't approve of, nothing is going to change. Its one of the reasons I started this blog. A simple review is great and all but a constant blog dedicated to my entire experience of the game I feel goes a long way in helping improve this franchise long term.

A couple of things have really started to annoy me over the past week on the online side of the game. No, I'm not talking about community creations. We covered that last week, and while that side of the coin is certainly getting better...It's not where it needs to be yet.

What I want to talk about is the Breaking Point submission system and how its handled in online matches. Because I for one think its broken.

Back in June when myself and the rest of the community leaders were introduced to the Breaking Point submission system we were all in agreement that we thought it was great. Because lets face it, the struggle submission system sucked and ruined submission wrestling in WWE games for many years. We all thought that this was going to bring things back to where it was meant to be.

And while I'm offline, I really haven't run into an issue with it yet. But online, it may very well be the source of a lot of my frustration with the gameplay of WWE '12 this year.

While in June, we were worried about turbo controllers we were told there is a button mash limit, so to speak. Which would punish anyone trying to use a turbo controller. So we thought, great! That works for us, no issues there...I don't think we could have been more wrong.

I'd like to think of myself as a pretty good button masher. I've been doing it for years and I think I can pound on buttons on a controller with the best of them. Now this year, if I'm weakened. Someone can slap a submission on me, I start to button mash...It goes down a bit like its a supposed to, then OUT OF NO WHERE it starts going back in the opposite direction! No matter how hard I mash the buttons it goes right back to the end of the bar and I tap out. I could understand it if I stopped smashing or a I slow down but I don't. I'm doing the same thing the entire time and boom it goes down a bit only to go all the way and make me tap.

I think THQ might have screwed up on the whole "turbo controller" idea in that the people that are really good button mashers are being punished for having that unique skill online. I think their button press limit for this feature should have been placed MUCH HIGHER than it was as I think right now...its hindering the online match experience.

While I have issues with the pin meter this year and its inconsistency online, its nothing compared to how frustrated I get over that Breaking Point submission system. To the point I'd prefer to play all my online matches with submissions turned off. Hell, I don't even know if that's possible but now that I think about it...I want to check the match making options next time I get online.

Do you agree with me? Are you having as many issues with me with this online? Or maybe something else "Non Universe" related is grinding your gears in WWE '12. Leave a comment below and tell the world what's driving you crazy.

As one solo voice, nothing can be changed. But to unite as a group for a common purpose. Change can and will happen! Thanks for reading...Have a great weekend!

These have been the words of the Show!


  1. Well, as the guy that keeps making you tap out WAY TOO EASY, because I KNOW I am NOT that much better at you at bashing if at ALL, I totally agree with this and am going to adjust my tactics accordingly to make the most out of our matches by just not using submissions. A more clear system for when you're actually doing it right when using or defending a submission is a good thing, but whether it's the tap limit or whatever it may be, the Breaking Point system just does not function right at least online.

  2. There is indeed an option to turn submissions off,which I always use for the exact reasons you mentioned.
    I hate complaining when I lose an online match,I don't want to be that guy that swears everyone is cheating.
    But last night I was in a match, doing very well. Hit my finisher 3 times, the other guy's head was red. Out of nowhere, he slaps the crossface on me. My submission stat is set at 100,and I had taken NO damage during the match.
    The meter almost instantly filled,and I tapped. I call bullshit. Now,I'm not an expert player, but I don't think that's on the level.
    Unfortunately, it's been happening more and more lately. Nearly everyone I play against goes for the submission as soon as they can,and I suspect it's because they are cheating.

  3. 110% Agree with this blog. It seems to me the submission system is terrible online every year. I agree that turbo controller users should be punished however their must be a better way then instantly making your opponent give up as soon as someone slaps on a submission. At first i thought it was just me and not being very good at button mashing however it seems like everyone is having the same problem and it's a shame because i think the online is definatly an improvement compared to previous Smackdown Vs Raw games (except for community creations which still hasn't be fixed although i will give them credit for atleast trying to adress this situation with patches) however having a cheap pretty much automatic win by submission ruins the once great match you were having.

    I hope THQ and Yukes can find a fair and better way of stopping turbo users however not punishing normal skilled players in the next game.

    I also hope THQ and Yukes see this blog and post however i doubt they will.

    Thanks for reading