Thursday, December 8, 2011

This week in Universe featuring a BIG pet peeve I have with this years Universe Mode...

Before I get started on my Universe blog this week I want to bring up something that has irked me quite a bit over the past couple of weeks in Universe that was not present in SVR 2011.

If I change a match one week that is labeled as a "Remarkable Match" it is CLEARLY because I don't like the storyline and I want it to go away. So what does the game do?! It books the EXACT SAME MATCH a week later because I changed it the week before. That's not good booking logic, I obviously changed it for a reason. Let the story you want to tell die and move along. I am the one that's supposed to be having control here, not you!

Ok, now that I got that little rant out of the way, lets kick this off with Raw!

- DX and Daniel Bryan vs. Edge, Christian, and Justin Gabriel
Thoughts: They try to book the same match as last week. Sorry not happening. Heath Slater is NOT going to be a part of my Universe. So my boy D-Bryan will take his spot in this six man match! Pretty fun opener which saw Bryan getting the win with a LaBell lock on Justin Gabriel.

- World Tag Team Championship Match: Demolition defends against Air Boom
Thoughts: I figure this will be an entertaining match to watch while I eat dinner so I'm gonna let the CPU handle this match! I'm thinking I might start having one title defense a week in Universe. Keeps things interesting! Lets see if Air Boom can win the gold. At one point I thought Kofi was gonna get himself DQed as after he tagged out Ax wouldn't leave him alone and the referee was counting him to get out of the ring. Luckily he made it, would have been a lame finish. Both teams had near falls on each others finishers. The match saw its finish when Demolition hit Decapitation for the 3rd time in one match to retain their titles, great stuff!

- The Rock vs. The Miz
Thoughts: Still eating dinner, still simming matches. At least I'm entertaining myself while I eat and it also gives me a chance to see how the AI operates when a human isn't playing. I'm very curious to see if John Cena will attempt to interfere in the Rocks match here tonight...Even though he's on Nitro. The AI really annoyed me in this match. After hitting his 2nd finisher Miz didn't have the smarts to drag the Rock out of the ropes to get the pinfall without a rope break. Ended up being his downfall as the Miz tapped out to the Sharpshooter a minute or so later. No Cena...lame. Or so I thought. Cena comes out after the match with some of his cronies from Nitro as they stare down at the Rock in the ring. No brawl though...meh.

- Stone Cold and CM Punk vs. Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar
Thoughts: Alright, I'm back in control here. Want this match to go the way I want it to. Haha! Not a super excited match. A little back and forth, at the end of the day CM Punk makes Brock Lesnar tap with the Anaconda Vice. After the match, CM Punk raises Stone Colds hand and then clotheslines him and stomps on him. Sadly turning heel in the process. I think I'm gonna end up changing that. Don't really want Punk as a heel in my Universe mode.


Pre-Show Notes: All 3 matches are "Remarkable" the main event is that same damn tag match with Swagger in it again. I simmed it. Regal and Truth won...NOW STOP GIVING IT TO ME GAME!!! >_<

Now that its out of the way we have a 2 match card, so lets go...

- Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes w/ Ted DiBiase
Thoughts: Once the superstars are in the ring. The Ring Announcer lets us know that the match will now an Iron Man match...Good Lord, at least its only 15 minutes. Here we go...Less than a minute in Ted DiBiase gets kicked out of ringside. heh...After winning 8 falls to 2. I kinda hope the game will let the Daniel Bryan/Cody Rhodes feud die. I guess we shall see...Afterwards Ted runs out to check on Cody. Looks like he MIGHT be injured. I'll check the news after the show...

- Daniels vs. Alex Riley
Thoughts: About a minute into the match Husky Harris runs in and lays out both guys. What is with this game wanting to push the people I have NO desire to see or use!? SO annoying! Daniels wins the match with the Angels Wings. Afterwards Husky hits the ring and tries to continue his assault on Riley but Daniels makes the save. Face turn for the Fallen Angel? We shall see...

Post-Show notes: No mentioned injury for Cody but it does confirm that Christopher Daniels is now a face. Maybe I should put Fortune together...We'll see how Wrestlemania goes...


- Randy Orton vs. Booker T w/ John Morrison
Thoughts: I'm really getting sick of the game forcing their "remarkable" matches down your throat. I know I've already said this but when I change it once I don't want to see it again and again until I finally let the computer have its way like a baby getting what they want when they cry long enough and let them have it. Making even LESS sense since Morrison aligned with Cena and turned heel on Raw...Whatever. Lets get this over with! An extremely annoying match from the get go. Pre match Orton has brass knuckles and levels Booker when the ref isn't looking. Of course I can't get a pin off it cause of freakin Morrison. At one point I get a cut scene where Orton attacks the ref and he gets DQed but the match keeps going eventually Morrison gets rejected from ringside after his constant interference and Orton wins. I HATE the Manager AI this year. I can't even begin to tell you how much.

And to make things even stupider, the game has turned John Morrison a face again...UGH! What is this TNA!?!?

- Sheamus vs. John Cena
Thoughts: I'm booking the same match again to see if the Rock will come out on his own here. After the post match thing on RAW I want to see if anything will happen. For the sake of the angle, I will use Cena...John wins with the AA, nothing happens. Waste.

- Rey Mysterio vs. Wade Barrett for the United States Championship
Thoughts: Figured I'd make another title match to keep things interesting. Unless something crazy happens here, Barrett's title reign should be safe. Barrett wins with Wasteland, kind of a squash. I'm rather good with Barrett in the game. Him and Punk might be my top two "go to" guys.
- Vader vs. AJ Styles and Sin Cara
Thoughts: A handicap match with Sin Cara? Really? WHY!? UGH! Ok fine...whatever, lets do this! It takes a spiral tap and two Styles Clashes but AJ scores another victory over the World Heavyweight Champion going into the grand daddy of them all...Wrestlemania!

That does it this week for Universe. Be sure to tune in this weekend where I write about something non-Universe related when it comes to WWE '12. Take care everyone!

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