Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twas the week before Mania in my Universe...

It's Wrestlemania week in my Universe, the last shows before Mania are upon us and it should be a very interesting ride to the grandest stage of them all. Gonna kick things off with Raw...


- Sadly the first match will be skipped due to them forcing that 6 man tag match 3 weeks in a row. Simming it and moving on with our lives...

- CM Punk vs. Steve Austin
Thoughts: I really want this match to happen at Wrestlemania. So Punks gotta go over here...Right? Lets see how it goes...Ok, Del Rio has bought a front row ticket to watch this match...Apparently he has nothing else better to do. lol And Punk picks up a big win going into Wrestlemania. If the game doesn't make the match...I will! I have a feeling I'm gonna have to edit a lot of Wrestlemania...I hope I'm wrong. Post match Del Rio hits the ring and attacks CM Punk with a lead pipe...Sorry Alberto I have no plans for you this Sunday. But you already knew that. ;)

- Maryse vs. Susan Rigger vs. Dominique Frost
Thoughts: Divas action going into Mania featuring two of my friends created Divas. Triple threats are chaotic this year. Should be interesting to see who picks up the win here...Dominique gets the pin on Maryse with her feet on the ropes after chucking Susan out of the ring. Pretty entertaining match up! Dominique previously wasn't ranked so this should move her up by pinning the champion.

- Zack Ryder vs. Brock Lesnar
Thoughts: Since I didn't edit any of the Raw matches, the Intercontinental Championship is NOT on the line...It doesn't mean Zack Ryder is losing though, not on my watch! Woo woo woo! So Ryder hits the Rough Ryder and out runs freakin Evan Bourne getting involved for no reason and distracting the ref...So I fist pumped his face! You know it! Ryder ends up having to hit a second rough ryder to pick up the win.


Pre Show Note: So now Swagger is booked in a triple threat in the freakin main event with Miz and Regal in a remarkable match...guess what! SIMMED! 2 Match show now...

- Husky Harris vs. Alex Riley
Thoughts: Only playing this match because I want to pound Husky's face in. Teach him to interfere in my Universe. Can't afford to let the CPU sim this and have him win. Swagger will never win with his 1 overall rating. Haha! On Riley's way to the ring Husky comes out from under the ring and lays him out. That being said...Riley wins in a squash...and that's all I've got to say about that! Mua ha ha!

Oh God! They just restarted it as a falls count anywhere match...WHY! *groans*

- Robert Roode vs. Samoa Joe
Thoughts: I'm almost positive this is the Universe debut of both guys. Unlike TNA, Samoa Joe is going to rack up some wins in my Universe. Sorry Bobby. Joe wins in a pretty good back and forth match. Roode put up a hell of a fight, but it wasn't meant to be. The Joe win streak in my Universe has begun!


- Big Show vs. Wade Barrett
Thoughts: With Wrestlemania being two days away, I don't see the point of doing a title match here. So lets just let them slug it out! In a surprisingly silly outcome, Wade Barrett picks up the victory via count out.

- Vader vs. AJ Styles
Thoughts: Man Universe is REALLY running this match into the ground before Wrestlemania...Can't say I approve...but whatever. I'm gonna take a lot more of a hands on booking approach following Wrestlemania anyways. Fun match between these two, taking both the spiral tap and the styles clash to pick up the victory. If AJ can do it again on Sunday, we have a new World Heavyweight Champion!

- Layla vs. Jasmine vs. Freya Kane
Thoughts: Two triple threat divas matches in one week? Come on now Universe! Stop it! lol Jasmine wins pinning Freya Kane after a superkick.

- ????? vs. Eddie Guererro in a Submissions Match
Thoughts: Mystery opponent eh? This better be worth while! Oh joy Ted DiBiase returns from injury...*yawn* I might even let him win to move Eddie out of the World title picture and into the tag division with Chavo post Wrestlemania...we will see how I feel. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to hit the million dollar dream. If he actually doesn't have it in his move list that is ridiculous! DiBiase wins with a camel clutch! Kind of an anti climactic match rolling into freakin Wrestlemania. lol

Post week Universe thoughts:
Well two days until Wrestlemania and Universe doesn't book Cena or the Rock at all. I'm VERY disappointed. I tried to make sure they would have a match at Wrestlemania but apparently Universe doesn't care what I want. I'll have to do it manually if I have room for a non-title match in there.

Join me next time for my first Wrestlemania in Universe! Thanks for reading!

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