Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Draft Week in my Universe!

It's time to shake things up again! Its Draft week in my WWE Universe. Not only will Raw host the draft matches between Raw and Nitro, I have a feeling I'll be doing a supplemental draft afterwards just to shake my brands up for the year to come. Because honestly, 3 moves just isn't enough. Lets kick things off with the opening match...which is the only match that doesn't have draft implications...

- CM Punk vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Thoughts: Del Rio has joined the broadcast booth to start this match, after his attack on Punk last week I doubt this can be good. Seems like the game is trying to inject Del Rio back into the WWE title picture...But you already knew that. During the match Austin and Del Rio have a confrontation at the broadcast table and Punk uses this as his chance to put a beat down on Del Rio before he runs away to the back. Punk wins the match making Austin tap with a Anaconda Vice! Afterwards Del Rio returns to get his licks in on the Rattle Snake but Punk makes the save. I know I've seen the cut scene a few times but to see the Punk/Austin mutual respect deal like that in the game is pretty damn cool. I dig it!

- Draft Match: Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett
Thoughts: Man Barrett has been on a winning streak lately on Nitro. But Taker when he shows up in Universe is normally a special occasion, and it looks like this time its to get Raw a draft pick. Lets do this! It takes two tombstone piledrivers but the Dead Man gets a draft pick for Raw!

Drafted to Raw: Mark Henry

And the crowd goes mild. Pain Inc. has just been separated...Dats not cool!

- Draft Match: Maryse vs. Layla
Thoughts: Much rather would have seen some of the created divas compete for this instead but its not to be. Champion vs. Champion. I have a feeling Layla is going to be losing her belt this Friday on Nitro...Hint hint! Layla does the job on Raw and its time to see who the 2nd draft pick is for Raw!

Drafted to Raw: Rob Van Dam

The whole f'n show has been drafted to Raw. Hasn't really done much on Nitro yet so its a good chance for him to make a statement on his new brand. I kinda wondered if CAWs could be drafted...Now I know! lol

- Draft Match: Shawn Michaels vs. AJ Styles
Thoughts: The newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion will try to be the only one to bring a draft pick with him back to Nitro against one half of the newly crowned world tag team champions. I would have LOVED to see this match happen for real, but we will have to settle for a video game. Styles hits the spiral tap and goes for the Styles Clash...but HBK reverses and nails the Super Kick! Cover...2 and a half! Michaels goes for his comeback but gets stopped dead in his tracks...AJ finally nails the Styles Clash for the victory and brings the final draft pick (non supplemental) home to WCW Nitro! Lets find out who it is!

Drafted to Nitro: THE ROCK!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!! I don't even know what the say! The Rock is coming to Nitro! John Cena watch your back!!!

After an exciting draft one thing I will say is that I hate the fact you can't edit the draft matches. If you change the participants its no longer a draft match so you have to keep what the CPU set up, kind of annoying...Hopefully they let you change that next year!


Here I will move 3 people to one brand and 3 to the other. Just to shake things up...keep things fresh and interesting...Lets see...hmmm...

Vader drafted to Raw
R-Truth drafted to Nitro
Kevin Nash drafted to Raw
Kofi Kingston drafted to Nitro
Jeff Hardy drafted to Raw
Evan Bourne drafted to Nitro

Should make for some interesting changes going forward...we shall see...


- Chris Jericho vs. Alex Riley
Thoughts: Wow Jericho, some WWE comeback, you return on Clash of the Champions? Why didn't you just stay gone? LOL! The best in the world at what he does picks up the easy victory with a couple of Codebreakers, busting Riley open in the process. No surprise here...

- Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan
Thoughts: This match should be epic. But I don't want to see Joe lose his second match in so he has to go over here. Really fun match tons of reversals and back and forth. My boy D-Bryan put up a hell of a fight, but in the end Samoa Joe wins with a Muscle Buster!

- Katrina Showtime vs. Layla for the Women's Championship
Thoughts: You know, I couldn't even wait to get to Nitro to have this happen. Once Layla loses she will be future endeavored like the rest of the actual in-game divas roster. The only one left at that point will be Maryse, which is quite ironic as shes the only diva currently in this game that doesn't have a job. Heh...Her days as champion are numbered however. With all the in-game divas in Universe they hardly ever use your created ones. I've had to free agent them one by one to get things to where I want them to be...It sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Tired of Universe forcing people into matches over other people I'd like to see. I notice I just went on a diva rant there...apologies! haha. As Layla was on her way to the ring, Maryse jumped her from behind. I guess she really does want to be the last WWE Diva left in my Universe! HAHA! Katrina picks up the easy victory and becomes the new women's champion. Bye bye Layla!


Pre-Show Notes: HOLY CRAP! I didn't realize this but there is a draft on Nitro too! 4 Matches!!! We are REALLY gonna shake some things up now! Anything can and probably will happen! This is kinda great as right now Nitro has 4 more people on their show than Raw. I can balance this out with some Raw victories. After this I might have to make some moves manually. I really didn't plan for this! lol

- Edge vs. Arn Anderson
Thoughts: Pretty one sided affair, Edge pretty much dominated from start to finish. Bloodying up the Enforcer in the process. Edge hits the spear to pick up the victory.

Drafted to RAW: John Morrison

The Monday Night Delight comes back to the Raw brand. I moved him to Nitro due to him really no longer being in the WWE....Apparently the game had other ideas. lol

- Brock Lesnar vs. R-Truth
Thoughts: One of Nitros supplemental draft picks is going to topple Raw's Brock Lesnar. I don't like R-Truth's odds here. I'm sure if you asked him, this match is a c-o-n-spiracy! Much better competitive match than the opener but at the end of the day, no one kicks out of the F-5! Lesnar wins!

Drafted to RAW: Wade Barrett

The United States Champion has just been drafted to Raw! I am in shock right now. Gotta get the belt off the Barrett Barage now. Kinda bummed, he was etting a big push on Nitro, he might end up getting lost in the shuffle on Raw. I might end up doing a trade to put Barrett back on Nitro, haven't decided yet...

- Dominique Frost vs. Jasmine
Thoughts: Easily the most back and forth match of the night. Good action for the respective number one contenders of each brand. Dominique Frost picks up the win and another draft pick comes to Raw. Balancing out the roster for the win!

Drafted to RAW: James Storm

The Cowboy comes to Raw, I've always felt Beer Money deserved a run in the WWE. I think TNA realized it as well and has decided to push both men to the moon so they didn't leave when their contracts run out. Should be interesting to see what happens to him on Raw.

- Triple H vs. Eddie Guerrero
Thoughts: Main event time and Nitro needs a draft pick badly. Can Latino Heat snag a big pick for Nitro? We shall see...It took two frog splashes but Eddie pretty much won a squash match. Very surprising how easy that match was. Triple H obviously didn't care about wrestling on Nitro. Haha! But he lost a draft pick for Raw...

Drafted to NITRO: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Good Lord! Austin and Rock both to Nitro!?!?! What is going on here!?!? WOW! Raw might have gotten more picks but Nitro without a doubt was the winner in the draft this year. I still don't know what to do with Wade Barrett right now. I'll keep you all posted on my decision in my next blog.

Thanks for reading guys!

These have been the words of the Show!

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